Gilbert Strang Calculus Book Pdf download

Gilbert Strang Calculus Book Pdf download

Calculus is an important part of the Mathematics. Gilbert Strang Calculus is the best book for learning the concept of the calculus. Here in this book, you can find the all-important chapter of the calculus. Calculus is used in every were including Engineering, Programming and much more.Gilbert Strang is a popular writer in Chicago and Many of the engineering students follow this book. Branches like Mechanical, And Electrical Engineering student must have to read this book.In Banking Sector Calculus is essential if you want to become a bank manager and got a job with any insurance companies. Studyvines Provide Calculus book pdf by Gilbert Strang for your success.Also, Calculus is important for any type of Competitive exam. Here you can download Gilbert Strang Calculus Book Pdf

Gilbert Strang Calculus Book Pdf download –

Gilbert Strang Calculus Book Pdf


Table of Content –

1.  Introduction to Calculus

  • Velocity and Distance
  • Calculus Without Limits
  • The Velocity at an Instant
  • Circular Motion
  • A Review of Trigonometry
  • A Thousand Points of Light
  • Computing in Calculus

2. Derivatives 

  • The Derivative of a Function
  • Powers and Polynomials
  • The Slope and the Tangent Line
  • Derivative of the Sine and Cosine
  • The Product and Quotient and Power Rules
  • Limits
  • Continuous Functions

3. Applications of the Derivative 

  • Linear Approximation
  • Maximum and Minimum Problems
  • Second Derivatives: Minimum vs. Maximum
  • Graphs
  • Ellipses, Parabolas, and Hyperbolas
  • Iterations x,+ ,= F(x,)
  • Newton’s Method and Chaos
  • The Mean Value Theorem and l’H8pital’s

4. The Chain Rule 

  • Derivatives by the Chain Rule
  • Implicit Differentiation and Related Rates
  • Inverse Functions and Their Derivatives
  • Inverses of Trigonometric Functions

5. Integrals 

  • The Idea of the Integral
  • Anti-derivatives
  • Summation vs. Integration
  • Indefinite Integrals and Substitutions
  • The Definite Integral
  • Properties of the Integral and the Average Value
  • The Fundamental Theorem and Its Consequences
  • Numerical Integration

6. Exponential and Logarithms 

  • An Overview
  • The Exponential ex
  • Growth and Decay in Science and Economics
  • Logarithms
  • Separable Equations Including the Logistic Equation
  • Powers Instead of Exponentials
  • Hyperbolic Functions

7. Techniques of Integration 

  • Integration by Parts
  • Trigonometric Integrals
  • Trigonometric Substitutions
  • Partial Fractions
  • Improper Integrals

8. Applications of the Integral 

  • Areas and Volumes by Slices
  • Length of a Plane Curve
  • Area of a Surface of Revolution
  • Probability and Calculus
  • Masses and Moments
  • Force, Work, and Energy

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